Using Supplements To Enhance Your Workouts

January 12, 2016 in Health and Wellness, Healthy Eating

supplements healthyIf you’re committed to your health and workout on a consistent basis, 5 times a week or more, then you may find that it is difficult to get all of the nutrients you need to be successful and optimize your athletic performance from diet tips alone.

If that’s the case, you may want to consider thinking about a supplement for your training schedule. Before you do, however, here are a few points to keep in mind.


Fix Your Diet First

One mistake many people make when it comes to supplements is that they try to start a supplementation routine before they’ve optimized their diet.

This is a recipe for disaster. If you’re brand new to working out and have a poor diet, you probably don’t want to jump right into taking workout supplements or other protein pills or shakes. That’s because you need to give your body time to prepare to receive these ingredients in order to make the best use of them.

In other words, fix your diet first, and then look at ways to improve your performance.

Not One Size Fits All

The other point to keep in mind is that there is no single supplement pill that is a one size fits all, appropriate for everyone at any stage of their athletic career or training program.

What is right for a beginner is not going to be the same as what is right for a professional athlete. Similarly, a 23 year old male will have different requirements than a 54 year old female.

Not only that, but the type of workout training you’re involved in is going to inform your supplement choice. For example, if you have a strength training schedule that is fairly rigorous, like Crossfit, you’re going to need supplementation heavy in protein, whereas an endurance cyclist or marathoner may need a supplement that focuses more on simple sugars. Read this Crossfit Supplements Guide for more information on the best supplement stack for weight training, or see Runner’s World for more tips on endurance aerobic nutrition.

If you’re unsure about what ingredients you really need, consult with an exercise physician, dietician, or experienced trainer to find the combination that’s right for you.