French_FrogAs long time French expats in the US we have a foot on each continent. As long time traders we have direct access to French manufacturers that are not otherwise present in the US at prices you will not find anywhere else.

We wanted to open a store with great stuff from France . But not any store, a place where people who love France, want to visit, or just armchair travel there can talk, have a virtual glass of wine together and exchange their dreams, tips and suggestions. A place where they can find authentic items really made in France they will not find at the chain stores at the mall or just knick knacks with the design, charm and “je ne sais quoi” that will evoke that unique place in the world that is France .


So here it is. Monsieur Frog is our mascot; a suave character who will introduce you to that place on the Internet where time slows down a bit. Take your time to stroll, look at the pictures, read the reviews, and ask questions. We cannot provide the glass of wine online yet, but as Monsieur Frog always says “saveur the flaveur”.


Some of the items we bring you are shipped directly from France . They will be clearly marked so that you know the delivery time and expense. Others are warehoused in the US . All are high quality items, at prices you will not find anywhere.


So enjoy and let your friends know about Monsieur Frog and his French hideout on the net.